Zoo Book Tag!

We went to the zoo! Inspired by Ombre Angeliche’s zoo tag, we talk books while we were exploring!

Into the (Dragon)Woods!

Hello! It is once again time for our monthly play through! This time is a little game Chelsea picked up from one of our FLGS, Dragonwood!

Chelsea’s Book Haul!

Chelsea really wanted to do a book haul for this month’s blog post, so we said why not! and let her loose!

Here Be Dragons!

One of the core portions of our times together are books, and by extension the book jar challenges. Indeed, when Brenda forgot to bring the Glass Owl to their last meeting after they had completed the Dragon Draw so the Ladies could draw a new one, Chelsea was incensed. The Jar is Sacred! So, in celebration of…


Or What Happens on Board Game Day stays on Board Game Day!   A crowd favorite for Brenda, Chelsea, and Lauren, Munchkin can easily spiral into revenge tactics, though these are three (ok, two-and-a-half) of the nicest grudge-holders you will ever watch! Look for a play through of Dragonwood next month!

Enthused, Amiable, and Opinionated – Booktube Video

Brenda: Hello interwebs! (Chelsea rolls her eyes, Lauren laughs) Oh, do you prefer webbernets? Because I can say that too. Hello Webbernets! And welcome. We’re not sure where we are going to end up, but the first thing is to start! We have been inspired by books for longer than we can remember, and in no particular fashion…