Chelsea’s Book Haul!

Chelsea really wanted to do a book haul for this month’s blog post, so we said why not! and let her loose!

Shelves and shelves of books

It’s always a treat when I pull into a hotel and see that it shares a parking lot with a bookstore! Especially a used bookstore. I immediately decided to postpone checking in and went towards 2nd & Charles instead. It said it had used books, games, movies, and electronics. And it was true. Upon approaching the…

Chelsea’s April Wrap Up

Howdy everyone! I hope April was a wonderful month full of Springtime Showers and what not. For me, I had a great month working on the blog, prepping videos, and celebrating both Brenda’s and my birthday! I also got some reading done. If you remember, my goal from earlier this month included the following books:…

April TBR: I’m going for a black out!

In her excitement to get the site kicked off, Chelsea is kicking on an additional reading challenge as well! Tome Topple! April has a started and a new month means new READING GOALS! And this month is even more exciting because because r/fantasy released their annual BINGO card, and #TomeTopple is happening for two weeks….