Book Challenge!

November: Superhero

Ex-Heroes by Peter Clines



In an effort to expand their reading and preserve their bank accounts (because there is no such thing as self control in bookstores) Chelsea and Lauren started the Book Challenge. Originally just read five, buy one lists of accountability, once Brenda returned from her exile, Chelsea’s ambitions got the better of all of them and theme reads replaced the numbers challenge. Everything from dystopian to self-help books (ok, maybe not everything) were written on pieces of paper and thrown into a jar for monthly/bi-weekly/weekly/bi-monthly/whenever everyone finishes draw to determine what to read next! Feel free to join. Sometimes the draws are group reads, sometimes individual, but it never fails to induce the amateur book critic in everyone.

The Rules!

  1. You cannot re-read a book that was read within the last five years.
  2. All readers must complete the book before another challenge can be drawn.

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