Shelves and shelves of books

IMG_2068It’s always a treat when I pull into a hotel and see that it shares a parking lot with a bookstore! Especially a used bookstore. I immediately decided to postpone checking in and went towards 2nd & Charles instead.

It said it had used books, games, movies, and electronics. And it was true. Upon approaching the building there were actually bins of free books. They were older copies, but they had quite a few genres covered there. I didn’t spend much time flipping through as I’m trying to reduce the amount of books I collect and wanted to make sure I had space for any books I’ve been searching for.

IMG_2069Entering the store I was greeted with one of the largest selection of Funko Pops I’ve ever seen. Three solid shelves stacked with them. Now I don’t collect these cute little guys, but if you do I’d highly recommend seeing if there is a 2nd and Charles in your area.

Then there was shelf after shelf of video games, plus a couple of TVs were you could test the more popular ones I guess. I didn’t get any pictures of this area as it was understandably very populated!

IMG_2070Finally I hit the board games which was a smaller section then I would have liked but had a decent selection of the more popular games. It had several versions of FLUXX (including our personal favorite, Firefly), Catan, several version of Munchkin and expansions, Splendor, and a large selection of different flavors of classic games such as Monopoly and Clue.

And then came the shelves of books. Shelves and shelves of books that I honestly had a hard time figuring out until a helpful employee pointed out a guide that was on the end of many of the bookshelves.

I browsed a large selection of Christian Fiction and Nonfiction, Pets (they had tons of dog and cat books), and romance before making my way to my favorite, Science Fiction and Fantasy.

5137sx6rqvl-_sy346_395950Sadly despite a large selection I didn’t find many books I was looking for as this store. Like most other stores, it only had the first books in series I already own the first book of but no sequels, OR only have the sequels to series I want to start, but no first books. I did however find a copy of Acorna by Anne McCaffery and Margaret Ball to help finish off my Acorna series. I also snagged a copy of The Summer Tree by Guy Gavriel Kay for Lauren when she asked if I could look for it (it was in the fiction section though, not SFF which confused me). This store also had a really nice, large clearance section with a ton of popular YA.

Overall my only disappointment was things were not well alphabetized so it made it hard to search for specific books and authors, but they did have a computer system and the employees all seemed very helpful. They also had a ton of fun knick-knacks and a large selection of DVDs and Blu-rays as well as CDs and Vinyls.

I will definitely be stopping in at any 2nd & Charles I run across at in the future. Apparently it’s a chain and has stores throughout the US.

What are ya’lls favorite used bookstores?



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