Chelsea’s April Wrap Up

Howdy everyone!

I hope April was a wonderful month full of Springtime Showers and what not. For me, I had a great month working on the blog, prepping videos, and celebrating both Brenda’s and my birthday!

I also got some reading done. If you remember, my goal from earlier this month included the following books:

  1. Duchess War by Courtney Milan
  2. Odds Against by Dick Francis
  3. Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb
  4. Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
  5. Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi
  6. Rhythm of Life by Mathew Kelly

Well I hit 30% at the time I’m writing this on April 24th (so I may be able to pull another off!), but added another book in, so I read a total of three books this month.

51odz72bmpil-_sx303_bo1204203200_During #tometopple I started with Assassin’s Quest (4.75/5). Turned out all I needed from Fitz was a few months break, and I absolutely loved this book upon rereading. I picked up where I left off, about a hundred and fifty pages in, and just got drawn back into this world. I can’t say much cause because I want to avoid spoilers, but I really enjoyed seeing some characters that I missed from the first half of the book appear again in the second half, and find out secrets that have been building from the first book. Of course, not everything is answered, and I will soon be continuing in the world of Elderlings with Liveship Traders in the near future. If you have enjoyed the first two books in the Farseer Trilogy, don’t give up completely on this one, though I do recommend a break between Royal Assassin and reading Assassin’s Quest. Fitz stupidity occasionally gets too much. And the last line of this book is haunting!

With the end of that gorgeous and consuming book, I had a bit of a book hangover. I 419dbpw15dlwanted to savor the feelings I was left with and continue to process, so I decided that diving into another massive fantasy wouldn’t be a great idea. So I skipped Name of the Wind and decided to pick up a tome called Sorceress of Faith by Robin Owens (4/5). This is the second book in the summoning series. The series is about a world called Llandrana which is under attack from monsters/horrors. They can’t fight them on their own and their prophet (the singer) told them they needed to summon people from our world to fight them. In the first book, Alexa is summoned to help the Marshalls (like paladins), while Marian, a grad student from Boulder, CO was summoned to assist the Sorcerers. Marian must decide if she wants to stay in this world and help them fight, or try to go back and help her brother who has severe MS back on earth. Of course, while she is training she meets a very handsome and compatible sorcerer that is a bit dark and brooding, which complicates the whole situation. Though insta-love and often cheesy, I love this series. It hits the right fantasy vibes of wish fullfilment, and a man that in writing is attractive but would never work in real life, that means I highly enjoyed reading this book. For a portal romance, this series is one of the better I’ve read and I’ll definitely be continuing the series.

Once I wrapped up that tome right before the end of the read a thon I decided to take a fantasy break altogether and finish Odds Against by Dick Francis (4/5). This is a mystery and the first in the Sid Halley series. Sid is a retired steeplechase jockey who works for a 466879-lPI agency. His hand was crushed in his last race and he hides it in his pocket and is going through a separation, so his life is a bit rough, when he gets shot. As he is recovering his ex-father in law invites him over and introduces him to a man he finds suspicious and linked to a dying steeplechase track that Sid wants to save. And then the mystery begins. There are several twists and while nothing is completely shocking, it’s a fun ride to the end. There is also some messages about not being ashamed about who you are and what you look like, which I was not expecting to see. If you like noir-esque mysteries or horse racing, I’d highly recommend this book and Dick Francis in general.

With the last week of the month, my goal is to finish Duchess War and get more read of Rhythm of Life (non-fiction always gets neglected despite best intentions). As far as my challenges go…

/r/fantasy Bingo

  • Sequel (Assassins Quest tentative)
  • Square from Previous Bingo (Sorceress of Faith tentative. Could also be used for Sequel)

The List

  • All THREE get to be crossed off the massive list! WOOP.

Have a great month and our game video is going up on Thursday! Keep an eye out!


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