April TBR: I’m going for a black out!

In her excitement to get the site kicked off, Chelsea is kicking on an additional reading challenge as well! Tome Topple!

April has a started and a new month means new READING GOALS! And this month is even more exciting because because r/fantasy released their annual BINGO card, and #TomeTopple is happening for two weeks. I also want to keep working on my Terrifying TBR list.

So my reading list was created using the books I need to read in order to complete my bingo card (I’m going for a black out!) keeping in mind that for two weeks April 7-April 20, I need books that are over 500 pages. Luckily, since fantasy books tend to be chunky, these two categories overlap quite a bit and I will be able to fulfill all but 5 bingo squares with books on my list.

So without further ado!

I’m starting the month off with a fun romance ebook called the Duchess War by Courtney Milan. It’s the first book in her Brothers Sinister series and is actually a reread for me. I wanted to refresh myself with this world because I hope to continue reading the series off and on as breaks between serious fantasy. There is lots of fun dialogue that makes you giggle in this one as a young Lady with a secret past that could ruin her, interacts with a Duke who has secrets of his own that could threaten her. Of course, she caught his interest and he doesn’t plan on letting her get away! This fulfills nothing, but enjoying reading.

When I get tired of reading romance, I switch over to Odds Against by Dick Francis, a mystery novel. Dick Francis is one of my favorite mystery writers because his books always revolve around horse racing in England. What more could you want. Since I’ve started visiting a lot of racetracks in the states, I’ve found I really connect to the life he describes in his novels. Fulfills: finish a book from the Terrifying TBR

Next is Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb, the third book in the Farseer Trilogy. I started this one last year, but ended up getting distracted by something else and put it down. However as it’s 757 pages, the #tometopple is an excellent time to pick it up and continue to follow Fitz on his journey. I can’t say too much because *spoilers*, but I have enjoyed the previous two books and I want to continue this story. This will fulfill: Read an adult novel and read a book that’s a part of a series for #TT, finishing a book and finish a series from the Terrifying TBR

If I finish this I plan to move on to Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. This one gets a lot of hype on booktube and reddit, so I’m very excited to be getting to it. Its 672 pages long, so a perfect book for the readathon. I don’t know much about it except it’s about a bard who is telling his life story and there is lots of magic and fun. Read more than one tome and Buddy read a tome for #TT, Book on your TBR for over a year for r/fantasy Bingo, and finishing a book off the terrifying TBR

Once #TomeTopple has ended I’ll go back to reading some shorter books starting with Ghost Brigades by John Scalzi. Last year we all read Old Man’s War for one of our book jar challenges and I really want to continue reading the series. It’s about an old man who signs up for a space military program, because you have to be over 75 to join and he has nothing left for him on earth. From there he undergoes medical procedures that alter him, leading him into an exciting military career. I love his perspective as an old, mature (well somewhat) man, which is very different then our young, cusp of adulthood protagonists we see more often. Finishing a Book of Terrifying TBR

Finally, I also hope to finish a nonfiction book this month, Rhythm of Life by Matthew Kelly.

So that’s my goal for the month! If I get everything on here read, I’ll go back to my regularly scheduled Terrifying TBR List!


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